Mission Statement 

J Harper Investments and LNX Investments is a partnership committed to providing a professional service and experience. Our mission is to modernize and progress the experience of buying and selling real estate by cultivating a spirit of collaboration, innovation, and integrity. We value teamwork and collaboration as value to help bring out the excellence in our work and real estate transactions. We are truly passionate about our mission of building generational wealth for ourselves and our clients through real estate.

2021 Company Performance Report 

J Harper Investments LLC is a real estate investment company.  Company performance for the year 2021 has been focused on real estate sales through wholesaling activities with an assignment contract process.  Our company currently consists of two members, Jessie Harper and Relana McGlothan.  Jessie Harper is the founder, and his duties are acquisitions, negotiations, and facilitation activities.  Relana McGlothan is the co-founder, and her duties are administrative activities, client relations, and facilitation activities.   

2021 has proven to be a successful year for J Harper Investments LLC due to sales activities and professional client relations.  We have sold in volume a value of $256,000.00 in real estate properties, have made our sellers a total of over $140,000.00 from cash deals and we will have earned nearly $115,000.00 by the years end.  Navigating through this type of business and learning our strengths and has helped us create a format and structure that we are proud of.  And our clients rave about our professionalism and business practices enough to have come back for continued opportunities to work together. 

We are hoping that 2022 will be a year to be just as or even more successful in regard to volume, income, and increased healthy client relationships.   

Jessie Harper  

Founder- Wholesaler/Real Estate Investor 

Relana McGlothan 

Co-Founder- Wholesaler/Real Estate Investor